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XCT MediCoder3 Developer API Software

MediCoder Version 3 is the definitive software suite for coding MedDRA and WHO-Drug.

The API comes in two parts.

Firstly the desktop version provides a C# .NET library with all of the main library calls to enable a developer to build a Browser, AutoEncoder and X-Walker.

Secondly there is a RESTful API for a web developer. This is constructed by overlaying onto the desktop library above.

In essence our software offerings are a library core with either a WPF desktop or ASP web interface lain over the top

For further information, to arrange a demo or receive a trial version email us at

FREE Browser for coding medical data into MedDRA, WHO-Drug, ICD9 & ICD10.
AutoEncode terms in batch or interactively providing workflow controls for many coders & reviewers.
Analyze and resolve coding errors and inconsistencies within existing coding sets.
Dictionary version upgrade and analysis for MedDRA and WHO-Drug plus perform ICD9 to ICD10 conversions
Developer API for desktop version with a RESTful API for the web version

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