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MediCoder Browser for MedDRA and WHO DRUG Medical Coding

Browser Overview

XCT’s Browser allows multiple dictionary versions of MedDRA or WHO-Drug to be searched at the same time when coding medical terms. It also allows other terminologies such as ICD9, ICD9-CM, ICD10, COSTART and WHO-ART to be searched with the same tool.

The easy to use application requires the user to enter the term and press find. A comprehensive grid showing all possible matches is then displayed, allowing the user to find the correct term without delay. A desktop based application is available as well as a Cloud solution allowing customers to deploy in whatever environment suits their organization best.

Data can be imported and exported via a text file, Excel spreadsheet or any database in any data combination with multiple key fields. For example a user can import from a text file and when coded export the result to an Excel spreadsheet . The flexibility of import & export provides direct integration into most systems. By using the comprehensive API then non-open systems can be integrated with as well without the need to revalidate the whole tool during the QA process.

Browser Features & Benefits

Browser Features Benefits to the User
Multiple dictionaries versions of the same dictionary type searched simultaneously:

Saves time cross-referencing different version of the same dictionary type.
Supports multiple dictionary types and terminologies: MedDRA, ICD9, ICD9-CM, ICD10, COSTART, WHO-ART and WHO-Drug.
Ability to provide full multi-axial searching: Saves time consuming searches of multiple databases.
Import & Export from any text file, Excel spreadsheet, Access database, other databases (SyBase, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) or other electronic source: Ease of import and export to many sources allows great flexibility. For more specialised or closed systems a comprehensive API is available to enable integration.
Integrates with Microsoft Office (Access Excel etc): For easy integration into clients business processes.
Free to download and use (desktop version only): Subscribers are able to extend the feature list by also using our AutoEncoder and Analyzer . Click to learn more
Full audit trail and history tracking available compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and ISO 9001 (not available in the free version)
Links to client synonym dictionaries: Enables easy identification of existing coding – not available in the free version.

Browser Details


To evaluate the web based version or the desktop version then contact us here

To extend the features of the Browser, the MediCoder suite has an AutoEncoder. Click on our AutoEncoder page to learn more.

For System Builders and Architects our MediCoder system comes with a rich API for the desktop system and a RESTful API for the web system

MediCoder Desktop and Web Based Browser Screenshots

Desktop Browser Screenshots

Web Browser Screenshots

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