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X Coding Technologies (XCT) specialize in software for pharmaceutical organizations, to enable coding of medical data between multiple dictionary versions and types. With twenty years experience of medical coding software development, XCT understands the complexity, regulation, deployment and usability required for coding software within the pharmaceutical industry.


Products include a Browser, AutoEncoder and Coding Analyzer with integrated X-Walker, which identifies coding errors and inconsistencies, moves coding between dictionary versions and validates existing coding datasets and synonym histories after each dictionary upgrade, for both MedDRA and WHO-Drug dictionaries.

The MediCoder developed by Software Technics in 1999 has been acquired by Software Widgets and X Coding Technologies

FREE Browser for coding medical data into MedDRA, WHO-Drug, ICD9 & ICD10.   AutoEncode terms in batch or interactively providing workflow controls for many coders & reviewers.   Analyze and resolve coding errors and inconsistencies within existing coding sets.   Dictionary version upgrade and analysis for MedDRA and WHO-Drug plus perform ICD9 to ICD10 conversions   Developer API for desktop version with a RESTful API for the web version

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